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Wrangler by Peter Max Fall/Winter 2017 Lookbook

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Second capsule collection for Wrangler by Peter Max is here. Max, the man credited for crafting the artistic period that we know as the “summer of love” is a master of pop art and his work has been seen on all sorts of artworks from canvas to mugs, clocks, scarves, clothes, and cruise ships. In honor of their 70th anniversary Wrangler, uses Max to recreate an explosion of unforgettable energy in American pop culture.



“I loved doing my original Wrangler line as it was the great American cowboy jean brand. Wrangler’s PR people contacted the Studio since they were coming up on a big anniversary and wanted us to create a time capsule. We suggested that Wrangler celebrate their anniversary and the Summer of Love by introducing a new line based on the designs and images I created more than 50 years ago. My sixties style, always in demand, has been somewhat modified, but it’s basically the same and I’m delighted that Wrangler wanted to recapture it for this project.”

– Peter Max

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