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Vanity Fair November 2018 Issue ft. Michael B. Jordan

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Actor Michael B. Jordan takes the cover story of Vanity Fair‘s November 2018 edition captured by fashion photographer Cass Bird. In charge of styling was Samira Nasr, who for the session selected looks from top brands such as Hermes, Louis VuittonCoachCalvin Klein, and Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, to name a few.

I think about that a lot. It’s being the guy that has the opportunities and is in a position that can change the lives of a lot of people that you care about. It’s a natural weight of not wanting to f**k up, you know what I’m saying, and not wanting—and that’s why I overthink a little bit too much, or I’m always thinking about . . . I’m not comfortable yet because the people around me aren’t comfortable, either, and it’s like I gotta get to a place where I’m like, ‘All right, the thing is moving on its own. The machine is running,’ you know what I’m saying? I can check in on maintenance every once in a while, but I gotta get the machine running, and I gotta keep pushing this boulder until I get some momentum. Once it starts to roll on its own, I can kinda start to live my life a little bit more, and that’s the sacrifice that people don’t really get. These people you see with these legacies, they don’t ever talk about what they sacrificed to get there. People think these things just happen. It’s not like that. They give up so much of their personal life, their love life, whatever, this, that, and personal things.” – Jordan for Vanity Fair.

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