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Unity in Color: Chicago Edition – A Global Photography Series Supporting Women’s Rights

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Unity in Color

Unity In Color is a global photography series representing solidarity for Women’s Rights, initiated by Jasmine Solano in January 2017.

What began as a visual statement in support of the Women’s March 2017 has expanded beyond borders to spark new conversations about our individual journeys and our shared histories. Just as women throughout history joined forces to secure our freedom and human rights — we continue to reach for worldwide unity.

UIC is a visual representation of Intersectional Feminism, which is inclusive of People of Color, trans folk & cis-women, LGBTQIA women, women with disabilities, women from all ages, religious faiths and backgrounds. It is the recognition that there is more than one way to live and love and be a woman. To stand for Women’s Rights, we must acknowledge this and move forward in total unity and inclusivity.

Unity in Color produced 30 photo shoots last year, expanding to both Mens and Youth Editions.

Florian Koenigsberger, producer/photographer of NYC UIC Men’s Edition explains why these editions are effective…
“It’s as important as it has ever been for men to become active participants in our country’s fight to cement women’s equity. These images are a token of our promise to continue to be active in that fight and a reminder that this effort is communal. The power in the community, the strength in vulnerability, the beauty in unity—these are the truths I carry with me from this shoot, and that I hope viewers are able to appreciate.”
Jasmine Solano, founder of Unity in Color explains how the concept was initialized…

“An idea came to me in early January 2017, as I prepared and imagined what inauguration day would feel like. I wanted to create an image to post on that day, one that would symbolize our strength and solidarity as women. One that would ring as a visual statement that we stand together. That our basic rights as women will not be diminished. An image leading into the Womens March that re-defined what feminism looks like today – intersectional.

Little did I know that people from around the country would contact me immediately following the premiere of that first photo. Women (and men) that I had never met wanted to produce the same shoot in their hometown. I immediately built an infrastructure and devoted countless hours to giving the movement legs so it could grow. 30 shoots later with over 1300 participants, spanning 4 different countries, Unity in Color shows no sign of slowing down.”

Christine Marie, producer of both Chicago UIC Editions speaks on why she was motivated to take on the Chicago chapters…
“The first Unity in Color photoshoot in LA was such a strong statement and was so incredibly moving. I had just left LA to move to Chicago so I wasn’t able to be a part of it but it inspired me to organize one in my hometown.

It fills me with such joy to be a part of it all and to have so many people follow the movement in supporting women’s rights. It felt imperative to do a men’s shoot to represent Chicago. I chose men who empower women through their platforms and in their daily lives.”
Photo Credit: @Nolis & @ddesigns_

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