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Topshop Unique Fall 2016 Collection

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Topshop Unique is the first of two collections that Topshop will present during London Fashion Week. Topshop has reached mega brand status, they now have stores in all four corners of the globe. However even though it has a global presence the idea of the Topshop Unique collection is to provide us all with pieces that make you standout amongst your peers. The overarching look of the collection seemed to bring together elements that have universal cool-girl appeal—the leopard-print coat, the Chelsea boot, and the little lace party dress. There are the tube tops with the thicker bands and sweetheart necklines to consider, along with the high-waist leather pants cropped right above the ankles. Add on a navy plaid blazer and you have a look that men drool over. Given their price points and the look and feel of the collection don’t be surprised if you see Topshop capitalize on the consumer facing model that several brands are transitioning to and put the Topshop Unique Fall 2016 Collection in stores before the summer hits.

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