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Top Global Fashion School Rankings

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Central St. Martins

Business of Fashion has unveiled the first global fashion school rankings of the top 26 undergraduate and graduate schools around the world. These rankings are based off of a survey taken by over 4,000 fashion students and alumni along with 88 HR professionals and global fashion influencers. Evaluations were also based off of three key dimensions including global influence, learning experience, and long term value. With this information, the BOF came up with the following top BA and MA programs:


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 It’s resourceful to have these rankings listed for aspiring fashion students but according to this same site, only 57% are happy with career services provided, and only 44% are happy with the quality of teachers on campus. As a recent fashion major graduate from Chicago, my school may not have made the top 26, but I still have my own personal opinion on these issues that these survey takers have brought to light. Personally, I believe you get out what you put in just like every other major. The fashion industry is one of the largest industries out there it’s just a matter of deciding what your niche is, and how much you immerse yourself in what you do; or if you even do for that matter. All college students face the pressure of finding attainable jobs right off the bat and the fashion industry is no exception. It all depends on how you market and network yourself. For so long I was told that this industry was not worth my time, and I don’t want this to be one of those articles that shatters your idea of what this industry provides. If you are passionate about fashion, and you’re willing to work hard, I whole heartedly believe the work will come to you. I’m living proof of that. My advice; do what you know will make you want to get out of bed every morning and make work feel like anything but. If that is fashion for you, then follow the dream.

To view full rankings, visit:

central st. martinsCentral Saint Martins- London

royal college of art

savannah college

stephens college


– Jasmine Dunn
BA: Fashion Merchandising/ Merchandising Management

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