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Supreme X Levi’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

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Supreme and Levi’s are back collaborating together once again, this time they present their fall/winter 2015 collection. This new collection stays true to what each brand is known for. For Levi’s that consists of quality workwear and denim that stands the test of time, for supreme that means adding subtle flair of design such as their name in inside of the jacket. The Moleskin Trucker Jacket and Moleskin 505 Jeans come in three colorway; burgundy, navy and zebra print. The collection will be available in store in New York, London, LA , and online on November 5th. In addition to that it will be available in Japan on November 7th.

supreme-x-levis-03-fall-winter-collection-03 supreme-x-levis-04-fall-winter-collection-04 supreme-x-levis-05-fall-winter-collection-05 supreme-x-levis-06-fall-winter-collection-06

supreme-x-levis-02-fall-winter-collection-02 supreme-x-levis-07-fall-winter-collection-07 supreme-x-levis-08-fall-winter-collection-08supreme-x-levis-09-fall-winter-collection-09 supreme-x-levis-10-fall-winter-collection-10supreme-x-levis-11-fall-winter-collection-11 supreme-x-levis-12-fall-winter-collection-12supreme-x-levis-14-fall-winter-collection-14supreme-x-levis-13-fall-winter-collection-13

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