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Style Salute: Hugh Hefner (R.I.P)

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Hugh Hefner is known for being many things the  “The Playboy,” “The Pajama-Man,” and “The Cigar Man.” During the day he was always seen wearing custom-made silk robes and pajamas. In the evening he would change into velvet smoking jackets or one of his 35 Armani suits. For his feet, Hugh could almost always be seen wearing black Stubbs & Wootton loafers. His wardrobe was pretty consistent throughout his 91 years on this earth, and it is a perfect example of owning your personal style to the max.Below we pay homage with a style salute to a true lifestyle icon or should we say, High Fashion Living

However, in his younger days he (especially while dealing with the winters of Chicago) Hugh was more versatile in his looks. Back then you would have to see him in a variety of looks that were trendsetting during the more clean-cut eras of the 1960s. Below we pay homage with a Style Salute to a true lifestyle icon or should we say, High Fashion Living Icon.

Hef is showing off his Silk Purple Pajamas!
Playboy Founder and Editor in Chief Hugh M. Hefner (L) and 2014 Playmate Of The Year Kennedy Summers attend Playboy’s 2014 Playmate Of The Year Announcement and Reception at The Playboy Mansion (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Playboy)
Hugh Hefner in his loafers
Young Hef suited and booted. Love the one button jacket!
Chicago, Hef was more refined than Los Angeles Hef
Clean from head to toe. Haircut, Pipe, Shirt, and Pants are all on point.
The change up with the boots.
Casual daytime wear
The timeless 3-piece suit.


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