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Style Feature: Zachary Prell

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A few weeks ago, I had the honor of heading down to one of my favorite places in Chicago, Trunk Club. Trunk Club, if you aren’t familiar, is every dapper gentleman’s dream playhouse. A personal stylist will help you find clothes to fit your personal lifestyle and budget, all while sipping some small batch bourbon and taking in magnificent views of the city.

However, the real reason we were at the Trunk Club headquarters was to speak with the man who heads their latest brand partnership, Zachary Prell. #TC x ZacharyPrell is a collaboration that we are thrilled to provide you the inside scoop on.

In speaking with the brand’s founder himself, Zachary Prell, we learned more about who their consumer is and the direction of their menswear brand. They design with the modern man in mind. He travels. He’s creative in his work and other pursuits. He’s tech-enabled and wants versatile layering pieces that complement his dynamic lifestyle. Similarly, Trunk Club is for the modern man who wants an elevated fashion experience customized specifically for him.

HFL: The Shirt is guy’s personal expression – how did that come about?

Zachary:  Having worked in business casual environments in previous investment banking and venture capital positions, my sport shirts neither fit well nor were versatile enough to transition from day to night.  I had a vision about how to improve the fit, fabric, and details of my own sport shirts and took the initiative to start there.

Why sport shirts? Typically, they’re the anchor to most men’s wardrobes. Whether you’re a plaid guy, or a prints guy, or a steadfast minimalist, we wanted to be able to offer a full assortment for your everyday wardrobe.

I think that same idea holds throughout our entire collection. Knitwear is now a significant component of our business as men want pieces that are soft and casual with a modern silhouette and aesthetic. Again, to wear day to evening. Our newest collection at Trunk Club offers plenty of soft, luxe pieces that are perfect for the warm summer in the city.

HFL: The soft knits sound ideal for the summer. What are some of the main trends you are looking for this summer?

Zachary: This season we’re really focusing on linen. We’ve had a great response to our linen short sleeve wovens and have introduced a capsule of color-blocked linen polos and crew neck t-shirts. Each of our 100% linen pieces goes through an extensive washing process to give them an exceptionally soft hand feel. Linen is so breathable, cool and comfortable. It’s the perfect fabric for summer!

 HFL: Why are you personally excited about the collaboration between your brand and Trunk Club?

Zachary: I think the Trunk Club business model is perfectly suited to men who may be too busy or not especially comfortable shopping in a traditional retail environment. Here, you can visit one of a number of Trunk Club clubhouses around the country, have a cocktail, relax, and work with a dedicated Trunk Club stylist who really knows you and can curate wardrobe offerings that fit your personal aesthetic. As a consumer myself, I think this makes a lot of sense and love this model. Our brand resonates with men searching for something new and different, and we’re thrilled to be a key resource for Trunk Club.

HFL: Do you think collaborations with non-traditional retail models such as Trunk Club is the direction in which brands will focus on in the future?

Zachary: We started out selling to department stores, so for us, they’ve been and will remain, an important part of our business. I view department stores and non-traditional retail models such as Trunk Club as appealing to two different customers. And I’m especially excited that we have an opportunity to reach both types of shoppers. On the one hand, you have guys who prefer department or specialty stores and like shopping in a traditional retail environment. Then you have fans of Trunk Club who prefer a personalized and curated shopping experience.

HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Zachary: My daily uniform is fairly consistent: trousers from our brand, sneakers or boots from close friend and designer, Armando Cabral, and one of our tees, crew neck sweaters or sport coats layered on top. Our sport coats aren’t traditional; they’re knit with a soft shoulder, and luxe hand feel – thus super versatile. Essentially, my spin on modern, casual style. It’s this signature clean aesthetic that also formed the cornerstone of our brand’s DNA.

HFL: Finish this sentence. Style is…

Zachary: Making things happen! Our modern menswear brand has always stood for versatile and relatable clothing that supports each man as the main character in his own unique, evolving story. Our clothes don’t make our guy, but they aim to instill quiet confidence and to champion his purpose – every day.

The #TC x ZacharyPrell collaboration launched earlier this spring at the Trunk Club New York Mansion on Madison Avenue, highlighting the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Within the mansion are several rooms dedicated to specific brands, of which Zachary Prell was handpicked to design a brand space. To see the collection, contact your Trunk Club stylist to send you a trunk. Or you can check out the collaboration at clubhouses in New York, Chicago, and Boston.

Written by: Evan B. Marshall @Its_what_ev

Photo: @Justinofadns

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