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Style Feature: South Of Everywhere – Our favorite Austin Boutique

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Located deep in the heart of Texas, in the city, they call ATX (better known as Austin),  at 2324 S Lamar Blvd is one of my favorite menswear boutiques, South of Everywhere. Don’t let the name fool you as SOE is a concept space that is at the forefront of Menswear in our nation’s 11th most populous city.

South of Everywhere’s goal is to bring quality brands to the city of Austin and propel the fashion scene forward and to also serve as a pedestal for the local creatives in Central Texas. Carrying brands such as Rhude, Ami Paris, White Mountaineering, and Daniel Patrick, they’re flooding the streets of the 512 with drip. Founded in 2017, co-owners Emory Blake and Cade Wilson, along with Domingo Jordan have created a concept that is a one-stop shop for art installations, concerts, artistic direction and cutting edge streetwear brands in a space that fuels creativity.

While at SXSW we sat down with South of Everywhere co-founders Emory and Cade to learn more about their vision for the store, the culture of Austin, and the impact they are looking to leave on their community. Why should you keep reading? Well always remember, when two fellas meet on a party bus anything can come to fruition.

HFL: How did you come up with the name South of Everywhere, and what is the meaning behind that?

Emory: The original owner came up with the name as he was using it to promote parties and a clothing line at the time, but when I heard it a light bulb went off. Just because the name can mean so many different things to different people, it is a brand that represents a wide variety of things because when you hear South Of Everywhere, to me, it means no matter where you are in life we’re always going. You’re always south of that point and trying to go up.

Cade: For me, it brings an encompassing feeling. When I realized I wanted to start a store I was moving through Europe and trying to figure things out. Then it hit me that I just needed to go home to where it originally started, home base. South of everywhere else as we are always looking for discovery. So I came back, met Emory and here we are today.

HFL: How would you describe the Style of Austin in three words or less?

Cade: 1. Hipster

2. Functional- For example, Outdoor Voices is based here, Lance Armstrong is found here. There are a lot of active people, lots of trails, lots of hiking.

3. Movement: It’s a great city to be healthy in because there is a lot for you to go outside and do to be one with yourself in nature.

HFL: Movement is an interesting word choice because outside of Austin people view it as a transient city. Do you feel that the city is continually moving and fluctuating based on that as well?

Emory: There is definitely a movement in the city. With us, we want to have an impact in it to push the culture forward and be a platform and a place for other creatives to express themselves.

HFL: How does your brand South Of Everywhere represent pushing the culture forward and creating the change?

Cade: It connects to the youth. A lot of people when they come into our space they don’t just want to shop or see the art, they want to be part of the experience. Which means they want to help each other.

Emory: Having a store where we have a platform to help people who don’t have a place to throw shows, who don’t have a place to host a DJ set. We can be that space for them to share their movement.

HFL: How do you feel events such as SXSW help provide you the platform to expand and share your narrative with others?

Emory: All of the brands coming in are great. It shows people that there is money to be made here. It is inspiring, and you get to see people bringing in other creative ideas to the city in terms of collaboration and forcing you to challenge yourself and expand your boundaries.

HFL: I feel that the brands you carry represent that as well. Because you have popular brands to those that are really into fashion, but you don’t sell the brands that you are just going to find scrolling through the Gram.  How do the brands that you carry embody that vision of moving the culture forward?

Emory: Yea we wanted to be different because there are stores that have their certain pocket. We wanted to bring in brands that have high quality and have a variance in pricing such as Daniel Patrick, Han Kjøbenhavn, and others.

HFL: What is your long term plan for the store?

Emory: Building our online business and enhancing our e-commerce presence.

HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Cade: Ladies pants! High waisted, cropped, I like the fit of high waisted pants. I enjoy the silhouette of a shirt tucked into them. I think of the guys like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, The Rat Pack and how they wore suits.

Emory: Functional, but with good quality material. I like oversized things and a variety of sizing and color schemes.

HFL: Favorite piece currently in stock.

Emory: Everything is fire lol but Rain Coat wi-fi raincoat. The stitching, the zippers, it’s reversible. It’s everything.

Cade: I would say the silk trench coat by Matthew Miller. It’s utilitarian, and it’s clean and straightforward, and just perfect for this time of year.



HFL: Polka Dots or Stripes

SOE: Stripes

HFL: Jordan or Lebron

SOE: Jordan

HFL: Black or White

Emory: Black

Cade: White

HFL: Cold or Hot

Emory: Hot

Blake: Cold

HFL: The 80s or 90s

SOE:  90s

HFL: Off White or Louis Vuitton

Cade: Louis

Emory: Off White

HFL: Favorite Pair Of Shoes All Time:

Cade: Givenchy half cut stretch boot.

Emory: Raf Simons Ozweego 2’s because they were my first pair of designer shoes.

HFL: Finish This Sentence: Style Is…

Cade: Relevant.

Emory: Eclectic.



Written By: @Its_what_ev

Photos: @Deee_porter


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