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Sherman and Preston

In July I had the chance to attend the Liberty Fairs Trade Show in NYC. I enjoy shows such as Liberty Fairs, Agenda, and Capsule because it provides me the opportunity to discover new brands. When walking through these shows with hundreds of people presenting their collections, it typically isn’t the clothes that draws you into a booth – it’s the vibe you get from a booth and the people in it. Or as Kanye says, “That’s just the waaaaaaaaave.”

The brand that I connected with the most at Liberty was the New York-based SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ. SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ was founded by Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams whose goal was to establish a brand for the Metropolitan Man. The idea was created after the pair kept asking themselves “Is it true, do the clothes make the man?” After agreeing that the answer was a resounding NO, Sherman and Preston set out to develop a label that is distilled in the culture of New York. Emphasizing the importance of impeccable style and fit, SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ is a label that will engulf you and personify your environment. After adding that first piece to your wardrobe you will add more and more to the point you are looking in your mirror at yourself and saying “Waves don’t die, let me crash here for a moment.”
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Below I go in-depth with the design duo to learn more about who they are as individuals, their struggles as black designers within the fashion industry, and being that they are from New York, Dipset or A$AP Mob?!?

HFL: Who are Sherman and Preston?

PW- Intellectual correspondents of the culture with exquisite taste. Simplified, 2 guys with a vision.

SJ- Forward thinkers, personifying the moment when dreams align.

HFL: What inspired you start a clothing company?

PW- It seemed like an amazing creative outlet to help express our vision of perfection.

SJ- Unbeknownst to many, Preston and I first founded a design company. As a byproduct of that, SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ was the perfect medium to divulge our shared ideology and aesthetic as curators.

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HFL: Preston, describe Sherman’s personal style.

PW-  His style is “modern traditional” comprised of staple pieces styled in an updated aesthetic.

HFL: Sherman, your turn for Preston.

SJ- Preston’s style is a combination of American bravado and smart tailoring. Imagine bold minimalism with elements of mystery. An embodiment of tomorrow’s classic.

sherman and preston 2014

HFL: Your clothing company is based in Harlem, USA. However it is not associated with the streetwear styles that most people would think of when it comes to Harlem. How does the neighborhood inspire your collections?

PW-  Our brand is a reflection of our interests – more so than our surroundings. For us, it is not about Harlem but New York as a whole. It is all in the bravado of the city. Today we may be having brunch in Harlem. Tomorrow we may be DJ’ing on a rooftop in Brooklyn. The next day we are catching a flight at JFK in Queens.

HFL: What can we expect in the Sherman and Preston Fall Collection?

PW- Have no expectations. Much like life, we are always changing. There is no right or wrong formula. Besides, Sherman and I are known to scrap entire collections if the energy isn’t right.

SJ-  The beauty of being at helm of such a new brand is the perceived unpredictability with each collection. The excitement of expecting the unexpected is what makes the brand such a draw. One thing I can guarantee is exceptional precision, fit, and feel.

Sherman-Preston-123 Sherman-Preston-129

HFL: Just because I have to ask. Dipset or A$AP Mob?

PW- Computers still ‘putting

SJ-  That rooti, tooti, fruity, Louie, what I usually do… Just saying.

HFL: Who is the man that shops Sherman and Preston?

PW-  He likes to enjoy the moment in all his splendor. Spontaneous but calculated. A traditionalist with liberal views and an urge to explore.

SJ- He is a city dweller in the purest form. On the cusp of greatness and appreciating the tribulations it took to get thus far. Forever living in the element of now.

From the Sheram Preston Pre-Fall 2016 Campaign

HFL: What was the moment in which you said to yourself, yes this can actually work we can make a thriving fashion business?

PW- I would say we feel that way every day. SHERMAN PRESTON isn’t about 2 native New Yorkers who make everything in New York. The brand represents so much more.

SJ- As determined individuals, there was never a question as to “can we make this a thriving business?” The real question was “how?”. As the climate of the industry is ever-changing, we remain agile and transparent enough to answer that question season after season.

HFL: As Black Men in the fashion industry, what are some of the trials and tribulations you have dealt with thus far and what is some advice you would give to someone who is trying to break through?

PW-  There are trials and tribulations in everything and anything anyone tries to do. Once you step into venturing to do something, understand that it will never be an easy path. Our advice, stay consistent with every aspect of what you are doing and never compromise your ideology.

HFL: Finish this sentence style is… 

PW- Ever Changing

SJ- Autonomous



We hope you enjoyed reading this interview and learning more about Sherman Preston. You can shop their latest collection at SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ and follow their journey instagram @shermanpreston.


Written by: Evan Marshall @Its_what_ev







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