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Style Feature: Paxton Ingram – Windbreaker Pants & Casual Athletic Vibes

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Spring is officially here, and in the mantra of spring cleaning, we suggest that you go out with the old and in with the new and update your favorite playlist with a few songs from Paxton Ingram. The Voice season 10 contestant is next up with R&B flavor and style to boot. His current single “Bad Luck” comes across with effortless vocal ability, meaningful lyrics, and an addictive melody tied together carefully with the charisma as if he was already a veteran in the game.

That charisma carries over into his style choices as well. The Louisiana-born Florida-raised artist has a look of his own that would make The Boot and the 305 proud, from Uncle Luke and Trick Daddy to Lil Wayne and Harry Connick Jr (yes, I said Harry Connick Jr – his look is diverse and eclectic with a unique flavor of a little sumthin sumthin that make you go hmmm). Well, recently we sat down with him to discuss his style and learn more about what that something is.

HFL: Most people know you from The Voice, but what were you doing before saying ‘I’m gonna embark on a career in Music?’

Paxton: I was working at Urban Outfitters in merchandising, styling the models. That was basically my Trap House. LOL. I always knew I wanted something more in entertainment and working at Urban just wasn’t satisfying the entertainer in me, so I had to go out and explore that part of me.

HFL: Why Urban Outfitters?

Paxton: I was in high school and every high school kid loves Urban. It helped me keep up with what’s in. So if you’re not in Balenciaga’s, Urban can help you get the look you want and find something you can afford.

HFL: So what would you say is your personal style aesthetic?

Paxton: My style is windbreaker pants, casual athletic vibes lol, maybe is how I would call it but not sure.

HFL: So you are more athleisure?

Paxton: Haha yes, that’s just the word I was looking for.

HFL: Which IG pages do you follow for style inspiration?

Paxton: Herron Preston, Luka Sabbat, Virgil Abloh, and Jerry Lorenzo.

HFL: You are from Louisiana and Miami. Do you have any of that Nola ‘99 to the 2000’s swag?

Paxton: It’s funny that you asked that like I had to get a Fubu jersey with “Dirty South” on it or some South Pole or some Mecca. In fact, I just bought a BIG TYMERS jersey.

HFL: How has Miami impacted your fashion sense?

Paxton: I was the only American in my high school. It was a lot of Colombians, Caribbean’s, and Spaniards. Everyone was rocking rosaries and bracelets, that’s what you had to have. Miami is a melting pot, and I was just inspired by the culture and the diversity of who was around.

HFL: What was the last piece of clothing you bought?

Paxton: A Reebok windbreaker.

HFL: So what’s next for you?

Paxton: My next single is about to drop, and I’m focused on touring this summer. I just crushed it at SXSW so right now I’m just lining things up, trying to be great.



HFL: Hot or Cold?

Paxton: Hot

HFL: Black or White

Paxton: Black

HFL: Favorite Pair of shoes all time?

Paxton: Combat boots

HFL: If you can have dinner with three people in history who would it be?

Paxton: Donatella Versace, Michael Jackson, Madonna

HFL: Finish this sentence. Style is…

Paxton: Life

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