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Style Feature: Mod Sun – A Professional Optimist

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His Favorite Color is Tie Dye, and You Should Be Happy as Fu*k


I had the enlightening opportunity to sit down with the prince of positivity himself, Mod Sun, and pick his brain on all things from new albums to new chapters, the power of positive thinking and of course style.

Currently on tour for his new album, Movie, Mod Sun does all things with the energy you would expect of someone who’s name is a derivative of modern sunshine. Regardless of having been on tour for the entire month of April, his attitude radiated excitement and genuine happiness to “just be here.” Even after running from a Kiss FM appearance, to a Columbia College panel, to his meet and greet with his “friends” (he prefers this term over “fans”), as he sat down with me his energy never waned.

Image by Steve Cannon

High Fashion Living: You had a fairly big birthday while you’ve been on tour I hear, did you bring in 30 in your usual positive way?

Mod Sun: my birthday was right before this but I didn’t sleep for two weeks, we did all kinds of things I shouldn’t let you document. Oh yea, I’m ready for my new chapter, it’s going to be a good year!

High Fashion Living: I feel like a lot of what comes with your personality is helping people into and through new chapters of their lives, can you expound on that a little bit more?

Mod Sun: Yea, well I believe in being 100% responsible 100% of the time, that’s kind of like how I like to go into my daily day. Just knowing everything good that happens, I’m in charge of and everything I don’t like that happens I’m in charge of. So I like to just push a message that first off your worst mistake is your best advice, so that’s part of entering a new chapter. It’s realizing that when people ask “would you change anything?” absolutely not, I wouldn’t change any of the things that I’ve done, because It lead me here, but I am absolutely going to be aware of them and learn from them. Part of that, entering new chapters, is the greatest thing is that these kids that are at my shows they were here when they were 16, and now they’re 21, they’ve grown with me.

High Fashion Living: How do you feel going into this new chapter of yours?

Mod Sun: I believe that age is just a number, I don’t feel like I’m getting older, I actually feel the opposite, I am more clear headed than ever, and sharper than ever, and I feel that its important, especially now, more than ever in this world, that the youth realize that they’re in charge. That all these people making stupid old rules, I can’t stand it anymore. It’s time for an uprise, it’s time for a change and that’s why it’s like 1970 to me, which also goes hand in hand with my hippy style. But yes, bringing people into growth and all the things that come with that which are problems and relationships and all that, it’s wonderful to look back at all that.

High Fashion Living: Speaking of chapters, in 2012 you published your first book “Did I Ever Wake Up?” Can you tell me about the inspiration for that?

Mod Sun: Yes my book, and I have my own publishing company too, Youniverse Publishing, we just published Mike Posners poetry book. I love writing, I love when people show me their writing too. “Did I Ever Wake UP?” is about living such an amazing life you feel like you’re always dreaming. That’s how I feel my life is, like when I do go to bed I miss the life I could be living at that moment. One of my favorite writers is Bukowski, I feel so inspired by him. He talks about the problems, and you can stay positive through the problems, not just ignoring it and creating another problem on top of that one. If something is ugly, acknowledge that its ugly, and work towards creating something beautiful.

High Fashion Living: Your style is clearly unique and eclectic; can you tell me what articles of fashion you feel you can display your style and positivity though the best?

Mod Sun: Jewelry for sure, I love layering jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, I love the look of everything put together on top of each other.

Image by Steve Cannon

High Fashion Living: Where does your passion for fashion come from?

Mod Sun: I grew up in a household of just women, my mom, and my sister, and so from being young I’ve always appreciated and cherished women. They’re like goddesses or flowers that should be protected and worshiped, so I’ve always loved women’s fashion. Women’s fashion is better than men’s, men’s is always so behind, but women’s there’s so much thought put into it. I love getting dressed, I’m not going to the gas station without going through four outfits first, and that’s not being materialistic. I feel like a lot of people have given me a hard time for liking nice clothes and designers with my hippy mentality but it’s putting positivity out there to me. My style, to me, is creating something beautiful and positive that I can put on display and put out into the universe, its fun, it’s so fun to play dress up, fashion is bringing people up, you can take a person with no confidence in themselves and put them in the right clothes and it does it, they’ll see that they should be confident.

High Fashion Living: Which designers influence and inspire you the most?

Mod Sun: Alexander McQueen saved my life, and Vivienne Westwood. Westwood is the original, she is still relevant! I feel like kids don’t understand, when you wear that leather jacket with the patches, it’s her. She inspires so much of my style. Iris Apfel, she is my favorite too, I love Iris. I love old pieces, I like fashion from the past. I like Moschino, I love what they did with the McDonalds logo. It’s so much more than designers too, I like learning the whole process, I like learning about the fabrics and the way things are made. When I’m interested in something I want to learn everything I can about it.

High Fashion Living: How do you differentiate style from fashion?

Mod Sun: Fashion is what you see on a mannequin, I have never bought an outfit off a mannequin. But style is how you chose to wear the pieces, style is in your blood.

Image by Steve Cannon


By Kit Royce | @KitRoyce


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