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Style Feature: Diggy Moreland || Flavored by: Bai

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A blogger or a bachelor?” is the question that typically comes to mind when thinking of Diggy Moreland. Diggy is most known for being the fashionable, bow tie wearing gentleman from season 13 of The Bachelorette and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. However, his style wasn’t for the show (see what I did there), it is who he is and thus why he started a menswear lifestyle platform “More Than a Tie.” It is a platform centered around sharing tidbits of the fashionable aspects of his life, from his wardrobe to workout routine to home decor.

In a way, you could say that it provides a glimpse into who he really is. He is more than just a guy on TV; he is more than just a blogger; it serves as a way for him to tie all aspects of his life together. The journey is only worthwhile if you can make others better, and therefore we share with you the next installment of our Style Feature Series: Diggy Moreland presented by Bai #FlavorLife.

HFL: Who is Diggy Moreland?

Diggy: Diggy is a super goofy guy, very passionate. Someone who likes to live life to the fullest.

HFL:  How did you get the nickname Diggy? Because we know your mom didn’t name you that.

Diggy:  My mom did not name me Diggy, haha my real name is Kenneth. So when people call me Kenneth I’m like hold up, you really don’t know me that well.

HFL: Outside of fashion, what are your passions?

Diggy:  I love working out, fitness, learning new things and I love picking up new languages. I speak Spanish. I like to ask ‘why’ all the time, and honestly, I’m just a big nerd at heart.

HFL:  The whole concept of being a black nerd is kind of misconstrued. It is often perceived as someone who is lame and not cool.

Diggy: A lot of times people associate people being smart as uncool. The stereotypical intelligent person is someone who has no social skills but can tell you the square root of whatever. There is that kind of smart, but in 2018 it’s able to mix more of who you know with what you know. Today you need to be able to converse, have a conversation with somebody and convey who you are.

HFL:  Is that why you started the platform More Than a Tie?

Diggy: Well I love wearing ties, and my last name is “More” land but I wanted to show that there is often more to someone than what meets the eye.

HFL:  You wrote an article stating that your outfit is all about one piece. What do you mean by that?

Diggy: I often see one piece that speaks louder than the rest of outfit. While you can have a lot of loud pieces and they fit together, I feel that it can be distracting. I prefer to have one piece say an awesome shirt or a pair of really cool frames that stand out. When you put your outfit together, you should have one signature piece that stands out.

Today when I see you, for example, I see the gold the chain, and that is what stands out and catches my eye and gets me thinking “Oooh that’s fresh.”

HFL: One piece makes things more comfortable on the eye. A first impression is everything and if people are looking all over your fit trying to figure you out it can make things difficult.

Diggy:  You should love everything you put on, but when you put on A LOT of different things, you are masking yourself. So just keep it simple.

HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Diggy:  I like to go with a current preppy look. My style has changed. Ten years ago I was just like everyone else in that I don’t think I owned anything that was smaller than an XL lol. Ever since then it’s more of a tailored nerdy fit with patterns and bold colors. That is where the glasses come in. People often ask why don’t you wear contacts, and for me I want my glasses to be part of my uniqueness and my look.

HFL: If you could go shopping with three people who would you go with?

Diggy:  Dwayne Wade, Pharrell, and you know what, PJ Tucker from the Rockets.

HFL: PJ Tucker is lowkey really fresh, he might be top 5 most fashionable athletes. Who are your top 5 most fashionable athletes?

Diggy: This is going to be controversial. I’ll go with PJ, Cam Newton, Russ Westbrook because he takes risks. Chris Paul and Von Miller.

HFL: Von Miller because of the glasses?

Diggy: Yea of course. As I said, the glasses have to be part of your uniqueness.

HFL:  More Than A Tie” – are you a bow tie guy or a regular tie?

Diggy: Definitely, a bow tie guy. I would rather wear no tie than wear a regular tie. Often people get frustrated tying a bow tie because it can take 10-15 times for you to get it right, but the imperfectness of a bow tie is the character behind it.

HFL: How would you describe Chicago Style?

Diggy: We do an excellent job of athleisure because we know how to dress things up and dress things down. We know how to look presentable and to blur both lines.

HFL: Chicago is home of the summer festival Styles. What kind of styles are you looking forward to this weekend at Pitchfork?

Diggy: I’m expecting a lot of Camo. I know people think Camo is old but I think people will bring it to life and I’m hoping to see it.

HFL: Finish this sentence, Style is…

Diggy: Flexible




Written By: @Its_what_ev

 Photos: Whitney Hsieh

Video: Leo The Visuals



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