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Sampha Present Short Film: Process directed by Khalil Joseph

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Sampha has released a new film, Process, via Apple Music. The visually stunning 37-minute film was directed by Kahlil Joseph and shot at Sampha’s hometown of Morden, south west London, as well as Freetown, Sierra Leone, where his family originally hail from.

The Morden bandstand filled with graffiti where Sampha sits in the freezing cold behind a small rhodes piano is the actual stage in which a young teenage Sampha would sit years earlier and future dream the very moment that was being filmed. This is an example to illustrate the authenticity of Sampha’s roots as many of the spaces and people filmed in London are directly tied to Sampha’s personal narrative

Process uses a production cast of over 600 people in total. Two of Sampha’s brothers, Sanie and Ernest Sisay, provide voiceovers in the film’s London-set segments. The rest of the voiceover is provided by Sampha’s grandmother Fudia Turay, who is aged in her 90s and is the only living member of Sampha’s immediate family. The film, like Sampha’s debut album (also titled Process), is a dedication to her.

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