A little about our Creative Director: Timothy Ryan Clark

Ryan recently moved to NYC to pursue his passion for fashion. Originally setting out to make his mark on the field of medicine, Ryan left Texas and prospects of medical school behind to further the growth of  High Fashion Men. His unique style and approach to men’s fashion has built a diverse celebrity clientele, an expansive social media following, and  a respected fashion platform in a relative short period of time.

When did you first discover that you had an interest in fashion? 

My interest in fashion started at a very young age – my mother is a fashionista in her own right. She helped to further my passion for fashion by keeping me well dressed and stylish from a very young age. Once I was able to dress myself, I would go into my closet and concoct the most outlandish outfits (I’ve come a long way since then).


“Being in NYC has exposed me to a plethora of different styles and trends, and I appreciate how the city as whole expresses itself through fashion.” 


What does being a gentleman mean to you?

Being a gentleman is a holistic term, it goes much further than opening doors, throwing your coat over a puddle, or picking up the tab after dinner. It is a lifestyle, a manner in which one carries themselves, and treats those around them.

You were pursuing medical school when High Fashion Men really started taking off, and not long after that you decided to focus your forces on the blog full time. Was there an a-ha moment that gave you the courage to make this life-changing decision?

I remember being in Structural Anatomy Lab (A cadaver based lab), and learning about the brachial plexus. While all my classmates observing the various specimens and were engaged with the professor’s lecture over the intricacies of this complex nerve network, I found myself wondering what I would post next on my blog. It was at that moment that I realized my focus/ passion had shifted from medicine to fashion.  

Words you live by?

“Do well, live well, and dress really well.”