Whether styling myself or someone else, let me just say that clothes are my life! That’s why I am always searching for new ways to protect, refresh and care for my clothing. One of the premier appliances in my home is my LG Styler! I absolutely love it, especially how it works on my delicate items that require extra TLC.

One of my favorite features of the LG Styler is TrueSteam, which allows you to gently steam and sanitize your garments and works to refresh and remove pesky wrinkles and day-to-day odors from your clothes. As you know, I’m always on the go and the LG Styler is ideal for a quick yet efficient refresh. The Quick Refresh feature allows you to steam any garment in as little as 20 minutes – forget the long wait times traditional steam systems require. The LG Styler also comes equipped with Moving Hanger Action which removes wrinkles from your clothes by gently shaking them after they have been steamed.

Another one of my absolute favorite features of my LG Styler has to be Easy Pants Crease Care. I basically live in suits and it’s always important to have a freshly creased pant. This feature creates a perfect pleat on the front of your pants while removing the unwanted creases that form on the back of the knee. I no longer have to worry about staying fresh and wrinklefree, my LG Styler has me covered!






Check out the LG Styler and find participating retail locations HERE. This blog post was in collaboration with LG Electronics.

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