I love trying on a suit and not having to get a single thing altered. Given that I have a slim build it is hard to find garments that fit well straight off of the rack. That being said, it is always important to find a brand that caters to your body type, and personally, Bar III is my go to brand for slim fitting, stylish suits. They never disappointIMG_4039






My Outfit:


I was instantly attracted to the color of the suit, the light gray plaid pattern is very versatile and can be mixed and matched with many pieces (I love buying suits that can be broken down and worn with other pieces in my closet). The tie and pocket square are the perfect combination to complete the look.


Make sure to check out the links below to shop the look.



 What I’m Wearing

Men’s Slim-Fit Light Gray Plaid Suit Jacket

Men’s Slim-Fit Light Gray Plaid Suit Pants 

Men’s Wine Blue Text Gingham Slim Tie

Men’s Slim-Fit White Dot-Print Dress Shirt

Men’s Light Blue Twill Gingham Pocket Square

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