An irrefutable symbol of luxury, Rolex is the most famous watch brand in the world. Prestigious, aesthetic, extremely reliable and always revolutionary, the reputation of the Rolex wristwatch is second to none. Founded by the visionary Hans Wilsdorf in the early 1900s, Rolex has excelled since its inception. At the top in terms of know-how, communication, organization and distribution, the brand changed the fashion game from the pocket watch to the wristwatch.

In a few years, the company positioned itself as the industry leader in watchmaking by presenting precise, waterproof, robust and reliable watches. Rolex has consistently talked about its creations, which for many models have now become mythical watches: Datejust , Submariner , Day-Date , Daytona … as examples.

A new,  by German publishers eneues, traces Not only the tradition of the company Rolex, but also devotes an important part to the present cult following of the brand. There are pictures of its very first models, vintage advertising posters and many descriptions of the brand’s watches.

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