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Private Policy Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

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Today we are taking a look at the Private Policy Spring/Summer 2019 collection. In the past decade, the Asian population that has traveled, studied, and lived in western countries has grown exponentially. The number of Chinese people visiting the United States alone reaches just under 3 million people a year. A new generation of Asians who embrace both eastern and western cultures has risen, but the representation in western media of the variety of Asian culture has not changed. Different from their predecessors, who felt pressured into western assimilation, this new Asian generation is looking for ways to flourish exhibiting their Asian culture in unique ways.

Private Policy is looking to present that vibrant energy to the world in their Spring Summer 2019 collection, during their London Fashion Week debut. The brand has blended their studies of western subcultures, such as Punk, Hip-Hop, and Grunge, with their roots: mixing Mandarin knot buttons with leather goth, combining punk plaids with traditional Haori jackets, and blending Asian philosophical ideas with western ideologies.  

Showcasing the “hidden details” of Asia: ethnic diversity, multiplicity of religions, and individual personalities, which were overlooked or uncared for— due to a brutally simplistic stereotype that was good enough to satisfy western expectations. “No more!,” we say. Let the rebellious break the “looking glass” and show you the REAL Asians!

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