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PRADA Minimal Baroque Eyewear Collection

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PRADA has released a special new collection of MINIMAL BAROQUE sunglasses.

MINIMAL BAROQUE gives new life to the flowers and foliage motifs that grew wild in the Baroque period: one of art history’s most exuberant eras. Stylized plant life—acanthus leaves, laurel branches, palm fronds—is abstracted into scrolling garlands that bud and branch into the defining curve of elegantly exaggerated sunglasses. In each of the three new MINIMAL BAROQUE styles, ornate and intricate motifs of the past are refined into a single, streamlined gesture. Integrated within the frames of sunglasses, this flourish becomes at once decorative and functional, dimensional and flat, fanciful and realistic. – from Prada

The MINIMAL BAROQUE special collection is available in Prada boutiques and through select high-end retailers beginning November 8, 2016.





all images courtesy of Prada

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