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Peter Lindbergh and Garry Winogrand have shared a collection of pictures titled: Women. This new catalog presents more than sixty works by the two internationally renowned photographers who are gathered together for the first time in a single book. In addition to Garry Winogrand’s iconic New York-based Women Are Beautiful series, which highlights the woman’s inner beauty, he unveils partially unpublished works by German photographer Peter Lindbergh, inventor of the phenomenon of “top models” Which he carried out in the streets of New York during fashion shoots.

The goal of Peter Lindbergh is to capture the individual in his individuality, beyond the superficial beauty of features and preserves the integrity of being social models. Empathy and respect for the human being, associated with a sensitivity of street photographer are a constant in the works of these two photographers. The photographs thus presented offer a substantial discourse on the veracity of street photography: are they staged, are they authentic? What are the intellectual and artistic motivations of the two artists? Two short essays by Joel Meyerowitz on Winogrand and by Ralph Goetz on Lindbergh retrace the essence of street photography and the deep intentions of the two photographers. This beautiful 148-page book is now available on Koenig Books editions and on .

Lindbergh-Winogrand-Women-Book-02 Lindbergh-Winogrand-Women-Book-03 Lindbergh-Winogrand-Women-Book-04 Lindbergh-Winogrand-Women-Book-05 Lindbergh-Winogrand-Women-Book-06

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