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Oliver Spencer Fall 2016 Collection

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Oliver Spencer  fall 2016 collection was inspired by music and titled “When Rock Rolled With Afrobeat”. Spencer’s inspiration was rock: Ginger Baker, the founder of Cream and drummer for Blind Faith, who wound up immersing himself in the world of Afrobeat. The trademark Oliver Spencer relaxed tailoring weaves through the collection, with eclectic prints covering natural and luxurious fibres and textures such as suede, velvet, wool and corduroy. This is a collection that is more for the common man who isnt a “fashionisto” or a slave to fashion because it doesnt jump out at you. Thus why Spencer used an array of models that include your typical sexy flexy types to gents that are under six feet tall and have more gray in their beard than brown. It is for this reason you are more likely to see pieces from this collection walking down the street than most of the shows we will be covering from London Collections Men.

Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy1 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy2 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy3 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy4 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy5 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy6 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy7 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy8 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy9 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy10 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy11 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy12 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy14 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy15 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy16 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy17 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy18 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy19 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy20 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy23 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy24 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy25 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy18 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy24 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy25 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy26 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy27 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy29 Oliver-Spencer-_fw16_fy28

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