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Motonari Ono Dropped an Epic Fall/Winter 2017 Lookbook

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Tokyo label label has unveiled the lookbook for its Fall / Winter 2017 collection. We must admit that when they sent this over we were a bit skeptical as we had never heard of them. SHAME ON US, because this collection is hot (insert flame emojis). Founded in 2014 Motonari Ono design and manufacture all of their products in-house. With their inspiration being drawn from the visual arts of TV, movies, theater, dance, other entertainment in which general costume production work is vital.

Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-08 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-07 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-06 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-05 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-04 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-03 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-02 Motonari-Ono-Fall-Winter-2017-Collection-Lookbook-01

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