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Moschino Fall 2017 RTW Collection

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For the Moschino Fall 2017 ready to wear collection, Jeremy Scott was inspired the old saying of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Scott’s message for Fall was just as much about making do as it was about recycling. The show’s middle section featured collage prints of old Moschino editorials, “ripped from the pages of Vogue,”. In addition to the old magazines, you will also see pieces made from cardboard, shopping bags, and dry cleaning bags with the saying “We Heart Our Customers”.

This is a true representation of how couture is an attitude and that style is truly how one views fashion as from your own perspective. Check out our favorite pieces below and view the rest of the content on Vogue.

_MOS0938 _MOS0866 _MOS0826 _MOS0781 _MOS0747 _MOS0739 _MOS0727 _MOS0713 _MOS0701 _MOS0679 _MOS0635 _MOS0597 _MOS0553 _MOS0533 _MOS0423 _MOS0411 _MOS0399 _MOS0385 _MOS0353 _MOS0307 _MOS0277 _MOS0269 _MOS0209 _MOS0185 _MOS0151 _MOS0135 _MOS0125 _MOS0111 _MOS0091 _MOS0077 _MOS0059 _MOS0043 _MOS0027


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