With their Beyond campaign Moncler celebrates individuality and diversity, and the strength to go beyond limits, obstacles, expectation, stereotypes, and barriers.

BEYOND is an expression of pure human strength that pushes Man to break harsh, pre-set moulds. BEYOND is a life proposition that is effective and resonating because it is true and straightforward, just like Moncler. BEYOND is a sum of what Moncler stands for because at its core Moncler is a brand that goes beyond.

From a Paralympian athlete to an astronaut, an activist to a trendsetter, the campaign pushes beyond the norms of traditional advertising in order to promote the drive, will and uniqueness that push an individual to break limits of any kind and be, quite simply, him or herself. By bringing this diverse set of individuals together, Moncler defines and expresses its singular voice through a chorus of exceptional people who have achieved their goals through the device of their unique talents, living life to the fullest.

It features Millie Bobby Brown, Actress; John Boyega, Actor; Crystal Zhang, Actress; Conie Vallese, Artist; Guillaume Nery, Freediver; Lexie Alford, Travel Blogger; Maye Musk, Model & Dietitian; Miyavi, Musician & Actor; Eiza Gonzalez, Actress; Walter Villadei, Cosmonaut & Educator; Carmen Jorda, Race Car Driver; Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Musician & Activist; David De Rothschild, Adventurer & Environmentalist; Olga Karput, Trendsetter; Danny Bowien, Chef & Restaurateur; Bebe Vio, Paralympics Fencer; Sheck Wes, Rapper; Liya Kebede, Model & Activist; Gus Kenworthy, Freestyle Skier & LGBTQ Activist


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