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Michael Wolf  has photographed megacities his whole career. Twice winner of the World Press Photo, he was particularly successful for his pictures oppressing the facades of gigantic residential buildings in Asia. Since 2013, the German photographer has highlighted the streets of Hong Kong, where he has taken up residence.  In the wake of a Walker Evans who has worked with constancy and tenderness for the recognition of vernacular forms.  Today we look at a series of photographs of hangers installed by the locals in the alleys of the city.  Their disproportionate forms in their surrealist locations reveal a humanity that is often lost in urban landscapes. Hong Kong Coat Hangers is now available on .

Michael-Wolf-Hong-Kong-Coat-Hangers-05 Michael-Wolf-Hong-Kong-Coat-Hangers-04 Michael-Wolf-Hong-Kong-Coat-Hangers-03 Michael-Wolf-Hong-Kong-Coat-Hangers-02

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