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Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Collection

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The presentation for the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 Collection was lets just say different. However it was different in a good way given that it is the type of collection that we think about when it comes to fashion week. Fashion week collections are supposed to be perplexing and make the common person, shake their head and say “I would never wear that”. Yet it even tho you feel that way it is what also makes fashion show presentations so captivating.

As for the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 collection it looked as if it was straight out of a scene from American Horror Story. Thus it was fitting that the star of American Horror Story, Lady Gaga, walked in the show.  The entire Marc Jacobs fall 2016 collection seemed tailor-made for the icon, so her presence was a perfect addition to this display. The show was chock-full of oversized outerwear and otherwise larger than line garments. Including gothy black liner and lipstick, foot-high platforms, shrunken band-concert sweatshirts,  and full skirt ballooning above a crinolines. We share with you several of our favorite pieces from the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 collection and if you want to view all 65 looks you can do so at Vogue.

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