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Luis Sanchis is a fashion photographer with a unique style: his cinematographic vision constantly pierces his shots, giving them an inimitable touch surreal. Published by Swiss editions Sturm & Drang, this very first monograph collection of the photographer is a kaleidoscopic showcase of the impressive work he has achieved during his career spanning more than 20 years. Limited to 1000 copies, the book presents a selection of images he produced for prestigious British magazines such as The Face and Arena in the 1990s, as well as campaigns for clients such as Nike and Gucci, and collaborations with musicians like Daft Punk or Robbie Williams. We also find some of the most famous personalities like Kate Moss, Karen Elson, Jude Law or Vincent Gallo for more personal creations. With its unique style based on saturated colors and pronounced shadow areas, Luis Sanchis has created an idiosyncratic look in modern analog photography that has lost none of its sensual appeal. This 200-page collection also contains an interview with the photographer, where he returns, in particular, on his inspiration: “I have always been inspired by nature, observing my environment, light, experimentation, my life experience, everything what I learned, and how I perceived the world, constantly evolving “. The book is now available on the online store Editions Sturm & Drang and on .

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