More Than a Monogram

Photo by: Tim Klein

I don’t have a bag that matches everything in my closet. And I don’t want one. I like having multiple bags to choose from that can add something unexpected to my outfit or dress it up or down. What I also don’t have is a bag that matches me, or at least I didn’t until I found out about Laudi Vidni.

When luxury Italian leather meets a smooth customization process you can “finally get the bag you want,” and trust me; you want a bag that’s the exact color, shape, utility, and style you choose.

Photo by Tim Klein

When I received the opportunity to create my own bag, I went in thinking it was going to be bare bones customization: bag color, strap, and monogram. This is an excellent example of why we shouldn’t make assumptions, because when I got into Laudi Vidni’s bag development process, I felt like an ass for underselling the process.

You have full control in the creative process as you get to pick the color of the face of the bag, the piping, the sides, the strap, the handles, the whole bag is broken down, and you get to pick (from an almost overwhelming array of colors and textures) what each component looks like. From there you get to choose a lining and hardware color and, of course, decide if you want it monogrammed.

Photo by Tim Klein

Even though I had the opportunity to make each side of the bag a different color, I knew I wanted it all white—sleek, chic and like a blank canvas ready compliment whichever color palette my outfit took on that day. But an all-white outside seemed a tad too unassuming for me, which is where the spicy red handle and glamorous gold hardware came into play. Finishing the bag with an unexpected bubblegum slap in the face when you unzip the bag and see the all-pink lining just seemed like the perfect analogy. At the end of the easy creation process, I had made a bag that meant something.

While matchy-matchy looks can make a person cringe, an accessory that is matching to your personality can bring a pop of “you” to any OOTD—and that’s what style is, it’s YOU reflected in how you dress. Laudi Vidni has style baked in. Because you get to customize it, you’re woven into every element of the bag. It’s not a bag that matches your closet; it’s a bag that matches you.

By Kit Royce | @KitRoyce

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