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Joshua Kane Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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Joshua Kane is a london based bespoke clothing company. While dunhill London paid homage to the classic British Gentleman, Joshua Kane draws inspiration from British Military and the famed 1960s Knightsbridge, London night life. Which would make the Kray twins smile from ear to ear.  It comes across as a revamping of elegance with an appealing twist, adding opulent fur embellishments and metallic zippers, gives the looks a contemporary vibe. This is classic man meets edgy British gangster vibe is reinforced by the use of rapper Machine Gun Kelly as one of the models. MGK as he is better known individual style has long been an elegance with a rock and roll twist that is reminescent of a young Billy Idol. The suiting options that make up Joshua Kane are of the utmost quality and tailored to perfection. Below we share with you some of our favorite looks from the Joshua Kane Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Machine-Gun-Kelly-Joshua-Kane-Fall-Winter-2016-Show joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-001 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-003 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-004 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-006 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-007 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-008 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-009 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-010 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-014 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-015 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-016 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-027 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-028 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-029 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-030 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-024 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-020 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-021 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-022 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-023 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-018 joshua-kane-fall-winter-2016-look-019


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