JH Engström is a Sweedish painter who began his career as an assistant photographer to Mario Testino in 1991 in Paris, and in 1993 he became photographer Anders Petersen’s in Stockholm. JH Engström is one of those photographers who have brought Swedish photography to the world over the last ten years.  This year he has released a book titled REVOIR, which proposes a revisit of his cult work Trying to Dance (2004) through a selection of negatives of it, mostly never published before. Engström considers that this book is more than a book and that the photographs it contains constitute a visual universe of its own.

“Photography had on me at the time a liberating effect as a visual artist. I lived mainly in New York, but also in Värmland, and I traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Mentally, I was between two worlds, between these realities, between the urban and the rural. In fact, it was also a time when I was wondering about the importance and relevance that really had for me the photograph The freedom felt so powerfully throughout the realization of Trying to Dance has largely answered my doubts And has since become the compass of my creative process.

Almost two thirds of the photographs have never been published before. For the first time, Engström scanned the negatives with Ewa-Teréz Gölin and let the present guide him to the impression of Revoir. The book contains a very beautiful text by Christian Caujolle who was the first, at the time, to see and appreciate these photographs with kindness, almost 17 years ago. JH Engström once again signs a superb book and the latter, published by the Swedish edition Journal, is now available online on the Le Bal website or at PhotoBookStore.


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