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 It’s Called Ffasiwn by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James

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The Martin Parr Foundation (Bristol) has an exhibition titled It’s Called Ffasiwn by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James running through May 25th. The duo met in 2015 and they are quickly organizing thematic workshops on fashion in youth centers in South Wales. Captured on the backdrop of post-industrial valleys, these photographs represent costumed children of the region, often in surrealist and incongruous situations with their environment. The images in the exhibition are a hybrid of social documentary, fashion, portraiture, performance, and landscape photography. On the background of plastered houses, spectacular mountains, workers’ clubs and community centers, children’s colorful clothes juxtapose with the darker tones of their surroundings.

Martin Parr explained the choice of this exhibition: “This very exciting project is part of the Foundation’s commitment to show new talent, often pushing the boundaries of photography. This show is a collaborative fashion project combining documentary images and landscapes from one of the UK’s most disadvantaged regions. “ On the occasion of this exhibition, a 36-page zine entitled  Ffasiwn Magazine was published. It is now available on the Martin Parr Foundation’s online store .

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