I felt like a boss over the course of last week. I had the pleasure of test driving the BMW 7 Series, and to be honest, I’ve never felt so important! In fact, I felt like I was channeling Mark Usher from House of Cards. This is the same car he rode in during Episodes 10 and 12, while talking with Senator Romero. I pulled out all the stops, kicking my feet up in the spacious executive lounge and relaxing to a soft massage with the use of the built-in control pad. The BMW 7 Series is designed for elite travel and jam packed with some of the most innovative and comfort driven amenities. Which is why this car is perfect for any executive or boss!

To start, the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package allows the passenger to have just as much control of the vehicles amenities as the driver. The passenger has the power to curate the ride experience with the help of a Removable 7” Touch Command Tablet. Everything from radio volume, lighting, seat adjustment and much more. Speaking of seat adjustment, I was blown away by the by the expansive legroom and massaging seats. This vehicle was unlike any other I’ve driven!

Some of my favorite amenities included the Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof, 6-Speaker 1400W System, the Drive 6.0 System and the remote control parking feature. This vehicle exudes luxury, and every detail is tailored to enhance your drive or ride experience. I immediately fell in love with this car and dreaded having to step out of character as Mark Usher and back into my daily routine.

In partnerships with BMW.

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  1. Eugene Pep
    2 years ago

    Really nice. Stepping up the game. High class

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