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High Fashion Living 2017 Fall Style Guide

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Don’t Fall Apart Over the End of Summer

Our warm weather days are numbered my fashionable friends, and along with earlier sunsets comes the great closet transition from our strappy summer digs to our cozier layers. As much as I am a child of the summer (where my Leos at!?) I’m not one to shy away from letting my pumpkin spice latte freak flag fly.  I love the fall, I loved it back in February when everyone debuted their fall looks at the 2017 F/W Fashion Weeks. I was freaking ready when everyone from Simone Rocha to Cristiano Burani sent velvet down the runway, psyched when I saw almost every major decade trend represented in various designer’s collections, and don’t even get me started on all the satin and fur we saw over the course of those four, precious weeks. I knew exactly what themes and moments I wanted to capture in my fall wardrobe this upcoming fall and I was here. For. IT! Then resort wear happened, and I was undone- what Maria Grazia Chiuri sent down Dior’s distinct, dirt runway was western-wear, couture perfection.

.However, in this Post-Paris Accord world, we are told to expect warmer than usual fall months, this is enough to confuse even the most carefully curated closet- keep the sun dresses? Pull the boots out? But what about the cardigans!? Fear not, High Fashion Living is here, as always, to help our devoted readers keep their fall to summer transition trendy.


Obviously, I’m obsessed with all the looks we have in this 2017 Fall Style Guide, but we’re starting out strong with this look in particular. The iconic Manolo pumps bring in that satiny, lingerie feel and add a muted note of color to the monochrome look. The simple color palette makes this look sophisticated, while the sparkling accessories add glamour, and the fur, well the fur says “winter is coming, and it. is. FABULOUS!”

Taking a note from F/W Fashion Week 2017 and throwing it back to some retro era fashion, we’re gearing up for fall with a good bell bottom jean. The key to transitioning well from warmer to cooler climates is to layer, and we’re doing that here with a wool-cashmere blend, long line cardigan. I am loving the long line sweaters, dusters, and cardigans this season! Another nod to the runways this past Fashion Week is with the velvet, embroidered ankle boot- “carpet-bag” style prints on a chunky ankle boots will be pounding pavements in cities all around the world this fall!

I’m a fan of any outfit that pulls together the contrasting styles of feminine and rustic, but clearly this was inspired by the Dior show I mentioned before. This look lets the flowing skirt of a delicately patterned dress (you can use a sun dress here, how convenient!) sway and move to reveal peeks of a gorgeous leather cowboy boot, all pulled together with a similarly hued suede jacket- again, layers! This look has the chic style of date night with a trendy, rough twist and paring this with soft rose quartz jewelry emphasizes the outfit’s romance.

If an indie-pop sensation decided head to her recording studio in last night’s negligee, she would be wearing this.  Rich, warm burgundy in velvet and felt scream “fall, take me now!” while the soft satin cami and cashmere cardigan tell fall that you’re also down to cuddle. Loafers are the go to flat (you know, if you’re into flats) this fall for men and women and the same can be said for flat, round brim hats, both are a nod to the strong look of menswear in the 30s.

Straight up, this is an outfit I went out, curated and bought for myself directly after seeing the Dior show. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for anything that conjures desert-ranch dreams, and this look makes me want to change my name to Calamity Jane and ride off into the sunset. A relatively tame outfit, white button up and brown maxi skirt, are taken to the next level with strong accessories. I could even see this look worn with a vintage bolo tie.


Hopefully all your weather woes are quelled with a few examples of how to prepare yourself for the coming season shift and tie your favorite elements from the runway into your outfits. For more seasonal style inspiration make sure to follow us at @highfashionliving and me at @KitRoyce.



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