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HFL Presents: Black Menswear Fall 2017 Collaboration

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Back to Dallas, we go to visit with our colleague @BlackMenswear.  NeAndre explained to us the concept of a collaborative shoot he was a part of including men geared towards changing the perception of the African American male’s sense of style.  This shoot took place in downtown Dallas and was captured by photographers Chudi Njeako (@ChudiNjeako) and DJ Gaines (@DirectorDGaines).
                                                                 Dallas Fashion Influencers
                                            @Quite_Frank (Founder of Franklin and Anthony)
                                                 @The_EricJones (Founder of @LFLSShoes)


                                                  @MikeT_TheGent (Founder of Eminent Style)
                                           @P4rdonMyStyle (Founder of @ThePoshStandard)

The shoot included:
@The_EricJones (Founder of @LFLSShoes)


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