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HFL Presents: 5 Father’s Day Gifts Your Old Man Will Love

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If you recall the lesson of the birds and the bees, you understand that it took two to make one, you. June 18, Father’s Day is a day we tend to improvise, or do the same thing as last year– Get dad a new tie, clubs, or maybe a nice house robe. Let’s switch it up a bit this year. We pulled 5 cool gifts dad would use and actually like:

ONE: The best part is, we’re ahead of schedule so have enough time to order them for your old man.A nice multi-purpose jacket dad can wear to work or on vacation, the Parajumpers Asher jacket will have dad ready for that golfing trip or his dinner date with mom. CLICK HERE to order and learn more.

TWO: Let’s get dad some cool luggage for his seasonal getaways. There nothing luggage that makes travel less stressful. Our friends at Away have thought of everything that could go wrong with travel luggage and produced a solution. The away “The Bigger Carry-On” is the perfect carry-on for quick getaways, it comes with a built in USB charging port, a scratch resistant shell, TSA approved locks, and a nylon laundry bag with a buckle down compression to fit all his souvenirs. CLICK HERE to order and learn more.

THREE: Get dad a cool fragrance that isn’t your typical big box purchase. Fulton & Roark have great scents in their solid cologne line, yes SOLID cologne that are great for on the go. The scents are made with a beeswax base, that where the solid part comes from but the smell so good and are great conversation starters. Just another thing for Dad to brag about. CLICK HERE to order and learn more.

FOUR: Is dad a photography buff? A new camera would be cool and right up his alley to improve his visual documentation. The Leica S will bring Dad’s shoot game to the top. This camera is like the Benz of camera, engineered so well to shoot quickly and effectively. All holiday photos will look like they belong in Town and Country Magazine. CLICK HERE to order and learn more.

FIVE: Some new shoes will definitely put a smile on dad’s face. The Greats Royale shoes make great everyday shoes and they pair well with anything dad through on, and most importantly they are comfortable. CLICK HERE to order or learn more.

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