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HFL Blogger Series: Sir Josh Aaron

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Josh Aaron is a unique and sophisticated man. Someone who has spent his whole life trying to figure out what it is that makes us whole. Which is one of the reasons he has built his brand persona as @sirjoshaaron, as “sir” is a title one has bestowed upon them by the monarchy as a sign of achievement.  It’s a respect factor to a person of authority. Josh has earned that right being in the fashion industry as long as he has. We at HFL have people trust in us to be that light as a beacon of truth when it comes to Men’s style and tailoring. It’s a standard to live up to as a man. It is an empowering feeling and acceptance from peers and mentees alike. He truly lives the persona of a High Fashion Man to do well, live well, and dress really well. Recently I had a chance to speak with Sir Josh Aaron and get to know him a little better. We discussed what the fashion scene is like in his hometown of Houston, what trends he is looking forward to seeing this Fall and shares what exactly is an Urbane Savant.


HFL: You describe yourself as an Urbane Savant, what exactly does that mean?

Sir Josh Aaron: So the term Urbane means refined and Savant is a master of a given trade or skill, so I married the two ideas crafting myself as master of refinery. Now let’s clear, it is not just an idea but a commitment to excellence in not only fashion but life itself. I want to be, as well as create, the best version of myself possible. The Urbane Savant is my golden standard.

HFL: You are a proud Houstonian. What is the Houston fashion scene like and how does it differ from the rest of the country?

Sir Josh Aaron: Well I would say I have noticed a dramatic change since I first arrived on the scene in 2008. I mean at the time there wasn’t really a scene at all and I felt like a lone wolf in a constrictive and conservative city. Over the years we have gained a good amount of momentum, and while we are not in full swing we have created a culture for finer apparel, food, and art. Houston is being shaped into a Gem of the South. How it differs from everywhere else is you have that big city feel but the kindness of a close-knit community. Another thing I will say is that the luxury fashion market has increased drastically. Designers and prominent brands have seen the value in staking a claim in my fair city. I know the best part of that is we still have not reached our peak and we are still on the rise. I enjoy calling Houston my home as I know more is to come.


HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic? 

Sir Josh Aaron: I do not really like to put my style in a box with relative terms but will try. Just like my vast taste in music, it is emotional, eclectic, and at times eccentric. I dress how I feel and that varies from day to day. I might have a day where I feel like Cobain or Pharell or all the way left field like Bach. I am very big on textures, patterns, and prints, and then conceptualize outfits based on those keys. I dress, therefore I am stylish.

HFL: In the last 3 years men’s fashion has become more acceptable amongst the everyday man. Today most guys are beginning to take pride in tailoring, grooming, and being more fashion forward. How do you think social media has helped facilitate that process? 

Sir Josh Aaron: Coming from a city whose men did not dress up as much as they do now, social media is a gateway where you can express yourself and chime in on the fashion conversation with the rest of the world. The inspiration is in abundance where there is something for everyone and it propels us forward faster. I think people look up to people and seeing a regular person killing it naturally makes you want to step up. I feed on this energy and it compels me to take more risks to make a statement.


HFL: What new trends are you looking forward to seeing this Fall?

Sir Josh Aaron: Souvenir Jackets, as well as statement outerwear, are going to be a grand slam. I remember seeing that scorpion jacket on Ryan Gosling and thinking man, that was one badass jacket… And now it is everywhere! I’ve already picked up 3 for this season. Shearling, Fur, and Plaid are going to make waves as well.

Winter vibrancy too is going to be a spectacle. Bold colors in winterized fabrications are going to explode on the streets.

HFL: GQ or Esquire?

Sir Josh Aaron: That’s like trying to decide between God and Allah – either way you go you will seek enlightenment. Although I picked up my first GQ in 2005 and have a closer relationship with the magazine because I won the “How GQ Is Your Most Stylish Reader” of 2013 and was gifted a Limited Edition GQ Fiat, I am still unbiased. Esquire doesn’t disappoint my quest and needs for new gentleman’s classic brands that have a long standing heritage. I was acquainted with Doucal’s in one of the issues and ended up purchasing a pair. They both share the ideas and inspiration of a well-dressed man. Go where your heart desires.

HFL: What is currently your favorite piece in your closet?

Sir Josh Aaron: Yet another tough question and I am sitting here racking my brain trying to figure it out. Oh wait, as of late I am rediscovering a more casual part of myself and I have the low top Common Projects sneakers in black that I cannot put down at the moment.

HFL: You are from Houston after all, do you have a grill? 

Sir Josh Aaron: Guilty, I do still have a pair of fangs that I break out on occasion and I am considering getting a bottom in the near future. Having one is a southern roots hip-hop culture thing. It’s a token of a past that I don’t ever want to forget.

HFL: Finish this sentence, style is… 

Sir Josh Aaron: Style is your personal interpretation of life. It’s the clothes that you wear, the car you drive, the coffee you drink, the music you listen to, and the best part is that it’s all up to your discretion. Style defines you and what you want others to know about you without saying a word.



You can learn more about Josh and some of the projects he has collaborated on at and follow him on Instagram @SirJoshAaron.  As well read all of the interviews in our HFL Blogger Series, here


Written by: Evan Marshall @its_what_ev

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