As a man in 2016 it’s hard to find places to go to for fashion inspiration. Think about it, outside of GQ name one major men’s magazine built solely around fashion, I’ll wait…. are you going to say Details? Well, Details went out of business last year, still thinking? It’s ok you can stop right there because there isn’t one! 

So where do men turn for fashion inspiration? Well in the 305, the men of Miami look towards Lamont Howard A.k.a @Mrdelamont. Mr. DeLaMont is a 24-year-old native of Miami, FL, whose role as a freelance graphic artist has allowed him to implement solutions for individuals and companies alike, making him one of the most prominent influencers in the Magic City.

Lamont is known for  his appreciation for  the universal language of cultural preservation, art, and personal style. Last month I had a chance to sit down with him and discuss how he is helping others craft their creative vision,  how is mother’s passion for fashion inspired him, and what it is that makes Miami style unique. A GQ Insider and a brand consultant for companies such as Asos, Cartier, and topman from speaking with DeLaMont we discover that ultimately design and fashion live synonymously.


HFL: Who is Mr. Delamont?

Mister DeLaMont: Mister DeLaMont is a gentleman pursuing a lifestyle of success as a #CraftPerfecter through passion, style, and travel.

HFL: Your focus is on Artistry, Tastemaking, and Style. How do you craft your individual voice in each of those creative spectrums?

Mister DeLaMont:The personal development in all these spectrums has led me to have them as my driving focuses. Organically, artistry, tastemaking, and style have molded my life and lifestyle.

I’ve been doing graphic design for over 10 years now and have always been interested in visual artistry – this has allowed me to make a name for myself in that spectrum via building my own brand as well as others.

As a child my mom always joked that I would need a well-paying job to support my taste level — I never suppressed the passion for looking into the depths of everything around me as I made everything make sense through refinement. I minored in fine arts as an undergrad as well so this enhanced my passion for composition and allowed me to offer visual input and creative direction for many projects.

As far as style goes, I grew up seeing my mom going all in on her outfits and her appearance. She always made sure I looked my best leaving the house — that etiquette, as well as other fashion influences such as Kanye West, Andre 3000, and A$AP Rocky, have motivated me to seriously journey in the fashion lane.


HFL: What was the moment in which you said to yourself I will be able to channel my creative passions into a fulltime job?

Mister DeLaMont:After I graduated I applied to countless companies, stores, magazines etc. to work for their design departments. To my surprise, I didn’t hear back from many and the rest I was denied. Because of that, I told myself I wouldn’t wait on anyone to give me an opportunity or a check. I’ll create the opportunities I want and make a living from doing what I love because at the end of the day I possess the talent that these businesses need anyway. Closed doors do not exist when you have the power to create them.

HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Mister DeLaMont: Polished yet vibrant, my style aesthetic reflects the city that I come from (Miami) as well as the places that I’ve traveled to that have influenced me.


HFL: What is your most memorable moment as a social influencer?

Mister DeLaMont: Being able to visit the GQ headquarters in NYC. An experience of a lifetime because at one point it all seemed to be only a wishful thought, but putting in the work and dedicating the energy to that dream made it my reality — the law of attraction did its thing.

HFL: You are one of the social influencers who truly understands it is about your creative vision and not just gaining Instagram followers. What advice would you give to other lifestyle bloggers/social influencers on how to develop a strong working partnership with brands such as Cartier and Lacoste?

Mister DeLaMont: Work hard, never compromise your aesthetic, stay disciplined in your craft, be you, and most importantly, bring something to the table.


HFL: You are from Miami. Describe for us Miami style and what makes it unique.

Mister DeLaMont: Miami is always warm as you can imagine, it’s also an international melting pot. The exposure to so many cultures can influence your style alone but I think what makes Miami’s style so unique is the lifestyle more than anything. It’s all about perception and status, so an overwhelming amount of flashiness is flaunted. Gold jewelry, gold teeth, big rings, silk shirts, designer belts – it’s the personification of fast life.

HFL: Which social platform have you found to be most successful for you and how were you able to craft your voice on it?

Mister DeLaMont: Definitely Instagram, you can’t get lost in translation on that platform. It’s a post and everything is there in your face and straight to the point. It’s marketing on steroids, cross promotion is exponential on there because a person can simply share your interest and repost your content to thousands, it’s truly the fastest growing platform I believe and allows you to cater, filter, and track the true progress of your content.

HFL: Who are your style icons?

Mister DeLaMont: Kanye West, Andre 3000, A$AP Rocky and Tinie Tempah


HFL: Finish this sentence style is… 

Mister DeLaMont: Style is how you visually translate the world around you. It’s exclusively how you feel and how you communicate your taste to the world.




Make sure you check out Lamont website at www.mrdelamont.com and follow him on IG @mrdelamont and Twitter @MrDeLaMont


Written by: Evan Marshall @Its_what_ev

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