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HFL Blogger Series: Drunk On Shoes

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We are back with the latest installment of our HFL Blogger Series, Interviews. This time we set down with one of the Midwest most popular bloggers, Chicago’s own Shai Chung A.K.A Drunk On Shoes. An “IT” girl on Chicago’s burgeoning fashion her page has become a go to resource for anyone interested in learning more about the happenings in and around the Windy City.

Shai likes to describe herself as just a regular shoe-addicted girl living in Chicago, who appreciates all things beautiful but she is more than that. A tax professional by trade and fashionista by night she is the actual embodiment of the modern day Boss Lady. Given that she successfully manages both her 9 to 5 and her 5 to 2 to fulfill her professional and creative ambitions. Recently we had a chance to sit down with h give you more insight to whom she really is as she stumbles her way through life in six-inch heels.

High Fashion Living: What is the meaning behind the name ‘Drunk on Shoes’?

Drunk On Shoes: There really isn’t some deep meaning behind it aside from the fact that I have a love for shoes.  But really, what woman doesn’t?  When I was trying to figure out a name for my blog, I got the advice to make sure it was also a handle that was available across social media channels.  I tried High on Heels, Love of Shoes, etc… and Drunk on Shoes was available.  As time went on, I started to realize it was a perfect fit for me.  I love a good time, I love a good cocktail, and I love a good shoe.  Everything else in my life is pretty serious, so I wanted something that was playful and not serious at all.  I think it worked out perfectly!

High Fashion Living: What is your personal style aesthetic?

Drunk On Shoes: This is like asking me what is my favorite VSCO filter.  Omg, I’m all over the place.  I appreciate so many different styles, and sometimes I mix them together and see what happens.  I have an affinity for ruffles and ripped denim, so many times that’s what I’ve got going on.  I love to be casual most of the time but do enjoy getting dolled up and decked out here and there when the situation calls for it.  I like to think I know what works best for me and my body and will only follow a trend if I know I can pull it off.

High Fashion Living: Where is your favorite hidden gem to shop at in Chicago, whether it be for accessories, shoes, or things for your home?

Drunk On Shoes: Not very secret but Felt Chicago has an amazing curation of pieces that I tend to gravitate to.  The owner pulls items from a wide variety of designers that most Chicagoans might not be aware of just yet.  Shopping locally for me when it comes to clothes and shoes is hard because of my size.  I run petite, and most often I end up frustrated that nothing fits me and is either too big or too expensive to alter so most of my shopping is online.  I like going to pop ups or events where a bunch of local Chicago designers present their pieces.  This is usually where I discover jewelry and accessories made locally.  Other dope spots are Rider for Life for unique clothes and items for the home, and HAN Chicago for some eclectic designs coming from South Korea.

High Fashion Living:  you could go shopping with three people in history, whom would it be?

Drunk On Shoes: Audrey Hepburn, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, Jackie Kennedy

High Fashion Living: If you could provide advice to someone trying to become a successful fashion blogger, what would it be?

Drunk On Shoes: Be authentic authentic authentic!  Create things you will be proud of and not just for a perceived fame.  Be the same person you are online as you are in person.  The worst is meeting someone you follow online and realizing they are not as fun, approachable, or sweet in person as they seem online.

High Fashion Living: A lot of people say that Instagram is becoming over saturated with bloggers. What would you say differentiates you from others?

Drunk On Shoes: I am me.  Online and offline.  I try to show my real life and the fact that I have a corporate job and that is how I have the life (and closet) that you see online.


High Fashion Living: What is your most memorable moment as a fashion blogger?

Drunk On Shoes: Meeting my holy trinity of fashion bloggers that I admire – Sincerely Jules, Wendy’s Look Book, and Song of Style.  This was years ago, and even back then when they were just at the start of their rise, I had been following them for a while.  Meeting them in person, getting to know them as real people, and hearing their stories was a total fan girl moment.  I love that now I get the chance to meet up with them when they visit Chicago.  Not to mention, I had a c-walk battle with Aimee Song…  Dreams do come true.  Haha.

High Fashion Living: Finish This Sentence Style is…

Drunk On Shoes: What you want it to be.


You can learn more about Shai by visiting her website and follow her on IG: @DrunkOnShoes

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Written by: Evan Marshall @Its_what_ev

Photos: @Tekstyles

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