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HFL Blogger Series: Cranberry Tantrums

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Next up in our Blogger Series we sit down with Jenn Ibe, founder of the platform Cranberry Tantrums. Jen’s focus is on transcending life’s restrictions and expectations, via a platform that represents freedom of self-expression. As one of Chicago’s most fashionable ladies Jenn is often seen running around the streets in heels, heels, and more heels. Conjuring thoughts of the infamous Sonia Rykiel question   “How can you live the high life if you do not wear the high heel?” Below you will find out more about Jenn and what it means to have a Cranberry Tantrum?

HFL: Who is Jenn Ibe?

@CranberryTantrums: A full-time oncology nurse and part-time blogger and content creator.

HFL: How would you differentiate the blogger vs. content creator?

@CranberryTantrums: You can be a blogger but not be a great content creator. You can have a viewpoint, you can have style, you can have an aesthetic, but you are creating and shooting things strictly for yourself. No one is asking for or benefiting from that content. A content creator is more about someone who has an eye, has creativity, and is genuinely creating experiences for both their followers and on behalf of brands. You are inspiring others.

HFL: Who are some of the brands you have created content for?

@CranberryTantrums: Nike, Ralph Lauren, and David Yurman.

HFL: When you first started out, was your goal to become a content creator or were you just blogging and taking photos for your personal leisure?

@CranberryTantrums: Honestly, I just wanted something away from working and being in school all day. I was in nursing school at the time, and I was in scrubs all day. So I started Cranberry Tantrums as a way to show the other side of who I am. I enjoy fashion, and I enjoy color, and I have a sense of style that I wanted the world to see.

HFL: How long have you had your platform?

@CranberryTantrums: I started the account in 2013, but I don’t consider that my start date. I would say my start was when I moved to Chicago and started taking it seriously. That was the end of 2014 and when I began creating content regularly and listening to what my followers were saying they wanted to see.

HFL: Why the name Cranberry Tantrums?

@CranberryTantrums I wanted something unique, something different and I also feel that it represents my personality, and a Cranberry Tantrum is something that is sweet and rebellious. I come from a family that is very traditionally Nigerian, so my blog was my way of subtly breaking that tradition and doing my own thing.

HFL: How would you describe Nigerian style and fashion?

@CranberryTantrums: I feel like it is evolving and I’m very proud of it. Nigerians don’t get fashion inspiration from celebrities or mainstream fashion trends. It is more about patterns, colors, vibrancy, and embracing their culture. However, now they are starting to intertwine those traditions with a bit more of western fashion trends and it’s really cool.

HFL: What is your personal style aesthetic?

@CranberryTantrums: My style is a little bit of everywhere. I like to channel the strong independent, successful woman who I am. It can be very modern it can be very classy and sassy, but it’s always with a little bit of an edge. A lot of colors and details.

HFL: Who are three of your fashion icons?

@CranberryTantrums: Rihanna – she is bold, passionate and just doesn’t care about anyone else. She rocks what she feels comfortable in.

Solange – she is very eclectic, classy, very sophisticated and chic.

Rachel Zoe – because she is an underrated icon in our generation.

HFL: What is your most memorable moment during your journey with Cranberry Tantrums?

@CranberryTantrums: After I moved to Chicago and was creating content for 2-3 months, I got a deal with JC Penney, and they wanted to fly me out to New York and partner on a collaboration. That was the first time it clicked for me noticing that I was resonating with people and it kind of jump-started things for me as a content creator.

HFL: If you can give one piece of advice to someone who is trying to be a blogger/content creator, what would it be?

@CranberryTantrums: Just be yourself. It might be cliché, but it is true. If you aren’t comfortable in what you wear, people will see that and people will get tired of you being fake and not being your real self. You have to love fashion and love creating content.


Rapid Fire Questions

HFL: Black or White?

@CranberryTantrums: White

HFL: Hot or Cold?

@CranberryTantrums: Cold

HFL: Favorite Clothing Pattern?

@CranberryTantrums: Pinstripes

HFL: Favorite Pairs of Shoes all Time?

@CranberryTantrums: Stilettos

HFL: 80s or 90s?

@CranberryTantrums: 80s

HFL: Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks

@CranberryTantrums Naomi

HFL: Finish this sentence style is …

@CranberryTantrums Personal


Written By: @its_what_ev

Photography: @FeltonKizer

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