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H2O+ Beauty Oasis Hydrating Treatment (25th Anniversary) Product Review

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The first of September kicked off the silver anniversary of H2O+ Beauty’s Oasis Hydrating Treatment. This is the brand’s best-selling product, and so, to celebrate 25 years on vanities and beauty counters everywhere, H2O+ Beauty released a generous Limited Edition Deluxe size totaling 2.5 fl oz. The packaging is simple and sophisticated featuring nothing other than a mirrored, silver lid to mark this mega milestone.

Naturally, I took this occasion as a curiosity-quenching opportunity to dive into a hydrogel heaven to see what all the hype is about.


You know I’ll share what I experienced–but first–here is what H2O Beauty says about the Oasis Hydrating Treatment.

+ Emollient barrier helps increase skin’s ability to retain moisture after 24 hours of use. (emollients are a good thing—synonymous with moisturizers, they keep moisture from leaving the skin.)
+ Sea Grass Extract helps to promote skin’s ability to retain moisture
+ Humectant blend delivers immediate and long-lasting hydration (humectants are another good thing—they pull water into your skin, while the emollients keep them there.)
+ Water lily extract helps to condition skin
+ “Clinically proven to keep your complexion noticeably softer, smoother, and continuously hydrated for 24 hours”
+ After cleansing and toning massage gently onto face and neck, day and night. For best results apply over your favorite H2O+ Beauty serum.

Okay, H2O! You have my attention.
Let’s start with the things I loved about the Oasis Hydrating Treatment.



✔️ Free of parabens, mineral oils, phthalates
A small part of me was instantly won over when I saw that this moisturizer is largely free of fillers and preservatives (with a few exceptions). As for the absence of mineral oils, this makes every sensitive and acne-prone face very happy.

✔️ Retinyl palmitate
We definitely want to include retinoids in our night time regimen because of their wrinkle-fighting, age-defying super powers. Lucky for us, this hydrating treatment contains retinyl palmitate. Yes, please!

✔️ Smoother skin
After one week, I saw an improvement in the overall texture of my skin. The delicate area around my eyes, my lip line, and my forehead showed softer lines and smoother texture than before. Also prior to use, my under eye concealer started doing this weird almost-27-year-old thing where it would crease and separate into my smile lines. This was reduced within a couple days. Thank you, H2O+ Beauty, we are not worthy!

✔️ Light, refreshing texture
The refreshing feeling I experience when applying this product is a huge plus for me. I have always had oily skin, so for a long time moisturizing wasn’t the most attractive part of my skin care routine. I love the unique, lightweight hydrogel formula that is somehow still intensely rich and soothing.

✔️ Unisex
I may receive some hate mail after suggesting this, but I truly believe this is a unisex skin care product. Men, you might remember our brief on good habits to keep in terms of taking preventive care of your skin? I may or may not have tricked my husband into using this for a night or two to get a male perspective for research purposes only. 😉 He appreciated the neutral scent and non-greasy feel.

✔️ Price
The staple 1.7 fl. oz. size flaunts a relatively competitive price point at $38 USD. (The limited edition 2.5 fl. oz. is set bit higher at $48 USD for less than 1 oz. more which doesn’t necessarily pan out in my mind, but hey— a shiny, silver lid may be worth $10 for some, and that’s always okay. 


❌ Retinyl Palmitate
This is no typo, friends. Retinoids are a popular skin care ingredient at the moment, but they are also in question. Some research shows they can actually do more harm than good if used during the day. Since the H2O+ Beauty website suggests AM and PM use, I had to include this in the list of negatives. I would encourage only using this product at night and washing your face each morning to avoid any possibility of damage. This is a great chance to implement a moisturizer specifically formulated for daytime use—A broad spectrum SPF of 30 or 50 is a big plus here, “broad spectrum” being key.


❌ Sodium Metabisulfite
A mouthful and a preservative (or paraben). Some preservatives are necessary, yes, but this one is known to have a sensitizing effect and irritate skin. I experienced a mild sting after applying this product each night that subsided after about a minute, but that is always a red flag for me.
(This one is free: Never continue the use of a product that causes stinging, burning or redness to your skin.)

❌ Oily feeling in the morning
I can do oily all by myself! Waking up with an oily face isn’t exactly desirable. I attempted to adjust the amount of product I used each night in order to avoid the feeling and…… well, still trying to figure that one out. It doesn’t make or break this trial for me, but absolutely a noteworthy detail. 

❌ Parfum/Fragrance
I routinely stay away from products that contain artificial fragrances. They are known hormone disruptors and allergens. Again, sensitive skin types will understand this. 


Overall, this is a product that I will continue using unless I notice substantially negative effects. There are a few questionable ingredients that would keep me from purchasing this product at first glance. Like you would with anything else, do your research (or wait for me to get around to that post) and proceed with caution. Knowing your body and how it reacts to certain things takes priority over anything.

H2O+ Beauty is sold at Ulta Beauty, Kohl’s and on

Until next time…

xx mdv

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