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#TBT RyanStylesNyc: GQ X Giuseppe Zanotti Exploration

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I enjoy exploring new places and experiencing new things. For most New Yorkers, the winter is a time to stay in doors, stock up on the essentials, and snuggle under mounds of blankets.  As the weather begins its transition from winter-to-spring, life as a we know it ensues and exploration continues.

I use the term exploration loosely and by that I mean; I enjoy searching for new places/ locations to shoot, new designers to wear, and unique perspectives on life. Today I had the pleasure of shooting in New York’s Financial District.
I designed my outfit to blend in to my environment, while standing out from the crowd. Being in the financial district of New York, you’re surrounded by a sea of suits and ties. Following a general rule of thumb (when in Rome do as the Romans), I chose a suit that would allow me to garner attention while still staying relevant to the aesthetic of Wall Street. Armed with my bold suit color selection, and statement piece Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes I conquered the downtown scene.
Featured pieces include: A custom fitted oxblood suit by Musika Freré, no show contrasting shirt by Musika Freré, and a pair of exquisite loafers from Giuseppe Zanotti.  See more online at  GQ
Naj Wareham Naj Wareham Naj Wareham Naj WarehamNaj WarehamNaj WarehamNaj WarehamNaj Wareham

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