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Goeie Katoen Fall/Winter 2018 Lookbook

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Fashion is now often considered inferior to art in terms of its creative value. Using design inspired by mechanisms of the human form, Goeie Katoen grounds a depiction of life and death in contemporary settings for the release of its Fall/Winter 2019 luxury ready to wear collection: Vitam Et Mortem – Life and death.

Drawing inspiration from Magritte’s iconic paintings- enshrouded models styled by Ross McCleish and photographed by Alexander English in a bussling atelier workshop, represent fashions perceived positioning in the creative spectrum and Goeie Katoen’s desire to re-earth the role and perception of fashion as a valued art form. Where in Magritte’s time art was considered an inferior creative representation of life to literature and philosophy, now fashion is often considered an inferior creative representation of life to art.

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