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Givenchy Pre-Fall 2016 Collection (Men’s)

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Givenchy is back with their men’s pre-fall 2016 collection. Shot in Berlin, Ricardo Tisci had his models pose in three different locations. The famous Avenue Montaigne showroom, the streets of Berlin, and a plain gray scale backdrop. Street style shock value for nuanced confidence is the overlying mood of the collection. Pajama suiting, an oversize striped mohair cape, a shawl-collared camel coat, leather paneled jeans, and double-stacked platform loafers capitalized on the classic without being basic. One thing you should note is the return of the Givenchy monogram print and while we love the logo we hope that this doesnt start a trend that takes us back in time to 2005.

Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy1 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy8 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy7 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy6 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy5 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy4 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy3 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy2 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy9 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy10 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy11 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy15 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy14 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy13 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2016_fy12

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