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Fill the Bill 2016 Spring/Summer Lookbook

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Japanese brands are absolutely killing it right now when it comes to being on trend. Fill the Bill spring/summer 2016 look book takes that statement to an entire new level.  Fill the Bill is unique in that they dont make the season the theme instead they produce clothes with the idea of modern inspiration. Featuring a wide range of silhouettes, Junichi Kaneda again demonstrates his versatility through a selection that features anything from culottes to slacks to wide-legged trousers to shorts. After being founded in 2012, Fill the Bill is now carried in over 20 stores in Japan.

FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_002 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_003 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_004 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_005 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_006 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_007 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_008 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_009 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_010 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_011 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_012 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_013 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_014 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_015 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_016 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_017 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_018 FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_019FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_020FILLTHEBILL_2016ss_001

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