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ERDEM x H&M Collection Lookbook

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Today we share with you the ERDEM H&M collection lookbook featuring models Milena Feuerer, Radhika Naire, and Sophia Friesen captured by fashion photographer Michal Pudelka. While this collection hasn’t garnered the public brouhaha that Kenzo and Balmain H&M collaborations have. This might be the best one from a technical standpoint as Erdem Moralioglu built his name over the years by utilizing experimental textiles, vibrant prints, and detailed craftsmanship

ERDEM x H&M is a collection that really spoke to me, and I wanted to create for it a lookbook with a twist. I love to add elements of surprise and surrealism, and thought of details to enhance the atmosphere, like flowers being handed to the model from out of frame” – Michal Pudelka

It was such a pleasure to see how Michal translated the mood of the collection and I love how we played with different elements, such as the flowers, to enhance the spirit of ERDEM x H&M even more” – Erdem.

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