We have long been big fans of New York based company Epaulet. The Epaulet Combat Boot is a modern take on the classic military boot style. Epaulet boots are made with the utmost quality and these are no exception. Made in Europe each pair of boots is made at their Portuguese factory, with the same genuine blake stitch construction. It also contains a Swiss-made RiRi zipper sits at the in-step, allowing the boot to be taken on and off without unlacing the front. Retailing for a moderate price point of $295.00 the Epaulet Combat boots would be a great addition to the collection for all of your fashionistos out there.

Combat_Boot_Mocha_Overhead_Outdoor_1024x1024 Combat_Boot_Mocha_Instep_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Mocha_Pair_Outdoor_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Mocha_Side_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Mocha_Sole_1024x1024Epaulet-Combat-Boots-02Epaulet-Combat-Boots-05Combat_Boot_Black_Couro_Overhead_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Black_Couro_Instep_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Black_Couro_Pair_Outdoor_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Black_Couro_Side_1024x1024Combat_Boot_Black_Couro_Sole_1024x1024Epaulet-Combat-Boots-04Epaulet-Combat-Boots-03

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