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dunhill London Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

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The saying “it’s a celebration clap clap bravo”, (word to drake) sums ups our feelings on the dunhill London Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. Being able to stay true to who you are is key for every successful clothing company. It is how you are able to build brand and maintain those brand loyalists throughout time. “When a brand stops doing what you know will fit, I think men . . . kind of get a bit annoyed.” Said Dunhill’s creative director, John Ray. For the dunhill London Autumn/Winter 2016 collection Ray and his team broke down the British gentlemen lifestyle into  five different pillars: Country Weekend, Blazers, Formal Attire, Eveningwear, and Motorities. whether he is out for an occasion, in at his gentleman’s club, or escaping to the countryside, Autumn Winter 2016 is a complete wardrobe updated to accommodate contemporary demands.

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