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Dior Cruise 2017 Show

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The Dior Cruise 2017 Show was held at the world famous Blenheim Palace on the estate of the Duke of Marlborough. With Meier and Serge Ruffieux, leading the Christian Dior creative team, the inspiration was post-war high society’s wardrobes. The main focus being on the urge to travel and discover the new world. Shots of red are evocative of the hunting pink, rustic tweeds and crisp poplin of country attire, while nineteenth-century equestrian scenes are knitted into intricate pictorial jacquards or fused into English country florals. Those intermingle with rich devoré velvets and silks in Asian and African prints, patterns and embroideries, underscoring a mood of exploration, a curiosity about the world, and a fundamentally English eccentricity in dress.

However even with its heavy English influence the collection was very Paris haute couture. There were puffed sleeves, asymmetrical drawstrings, cropped leather pants with piecrust flares, striped shirting panels, scarf-like streamers flowing from wrists, and chunky gilded deco heels. While never known historically for being more foes than friends the clothing mix between France and England echoes a dialogue between the past and the present, creative exchanges between the two countries. Below we take a look at the Dior Cruise 2017 show.

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