So my mantra holds true yet again, “I am always a student”! Let me start by saying that I have a greater appreciation for Scotch whisky after being schooled by The Dalmore master distiller of 50 years, Richard Paterson. I never knew how much time, energy, and passion went into producing whisky, and by the end of The Dalmore presentation I felt like a whisky connoisseur. Okay… I’m pushing it but I definitely felt more knowledgeable.  

The evening started with a brief but thorough history of the foundation of The Dalmore, followed by a tasting of the The Dalmore 12, 15, 18, and 25. One thing I definitely learned is that every part of your tongue should come into contact with the whisky, and that means holding it on your mouth for quite sometime to truly appreciate every subtle flavor that each whisky encompasses. The Dalmore‘s core range is exquisite (they actually just won the Double Gold award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition) and I definitely recommend learning more about the brand as well as trying it – would make a perfect Father’s Day gift. I must have expensive taste because my favorite was the 25, but you’ve been warned it could set you back a pretty penny.

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